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Between the foods we eat, the routines we follow, the sleep schedule we keep, and the steps (literal and metaphorical) we take, these simple actions have a profound effect on our happiness and health. At HealthyBeat, our focus is on delivering smart and holistic strategies for improving your nutrition, fitness, sleep, and health habits with small things you can do every day. 

Nutrition, fitness, and sleep have a profound effect on our happiness and health.

We produce comprehensive guides to help you understand the latest research and tips for healthier dieting, sleep, recovery, and workouts. Between nutrient-dense recipes to in-depth product reviews and more, our staff compiles all the information you need to progressively improve your overall quality of life.

Top 8 At-Home Workouts

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Check out our nutrition, fitness, and sleep guides to discover the latest research and tips for better dieting, rest, recovery, and workouts.

10 Foods High in Magnesium

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The HealthyBeat Editorial Process

From start-to-finish, we prioritize stories that are important in living a happier and healthier life.


Scour the web and social media for popular trends, newsworthy topics, and recent health research.


Investigate contradictory claims, search for evidence-based results, and compile a preliminary resource list.


Write, research, consult with experts, and write some more.


Tag in specialists, certified professionals, and medical workers for their expert insights and contributions.


Send the article through internal review one last time, then hit "publish."


Afterward, review reader comments, new scientific data, and online discussions to see how else we can edit, amend, or improve our content.

Meet Our Team

We’re obsessive about healthier habits and the science behind food and fitness. Learn more about who we are.

Brianna Tam

Recipes Writer

Brianna Tam is HealthyBeat’s Recipes Writer. She spent her adolescent years following her family between continents. The frequent and sometimes uncomfortable environment change opened her senses up to a wide array of flavors, textures, and ingredients. She proudly considers herself a top-notch amateur chef.

Crystal Marcano

Nutrition Editor

Crystal Marcano is HealthyBeat’s Nutrition Editor. Her “claim to fame” is that she has tried every health fad and diet trend at least once. Eager to experiment and learn, she also pours through dense medical journals and academic research to better understand the science behind food, diets, and gut health.

Elliot Basser

Fitness Editor

Elliot Basser is HealthyBeat’s Fitness Editor. He is a former collegiate athlete, casual runner, off-road cyclist, and fanatic of calisthenics. His passion for fitness stems from the belief that anything is possible and that routine and accountability are the keys to achieving all your fitness goals.

Nate Stamec

Editorial Assistant

Nate Stamec is HealthyBeat’s Editorial Assistant. He’s an avid follower of college basketball and is always glued to the television during the Summer Olympics. At HealthyBeat, he combines his passion for words with an interest in diet, exercise, sleep, and research.

Shane McLean is a certified personal trainer who’s worked with a wide variety of clients, from the general population to college athletes. When he isn’t training in his garage gym, he drinks copious amounts of coffee while writing the good word about health and fitness.

Stella Barrett

Copy Editor & Features Writer

Stella Barrett is HealthyBeat’s Copy Editor and Features Writer. She has an affinity for dark chocolate, hiking, and running. Although she mainly operates behind the scenes, she’s helping to project manage all of our major editorial projects from original research to scheduling interviews and more.

Walt Helmund

Sports & Supplements Editor

Walt Helmund is HealthyBeat’s Sports and Supplements Editor. From a very young age, he remembers his parents encouraging him through little league, soccer practice, boxing lessons, high school wrestling, and even a few years of table tennis. As an adult, he welcomes an opportunity to stay active but is also obsessive about the foods he eats and the supplements he takes to maintain peak physical and mental performance.

Healthy Review Board

Our Healthy Review Board consists of certified dietitians, fitness coaches, nutritionists, doctors, and medical professionals who fact check our articles to ensure accuracy and depth based on recent scientific research and firsthand experience.

Our Mission

At HealthyBeat, we’re committed to producing in-depth nutrition, fitness, and sleep guides that make it easy to adopt healthier habits each day and every night. We sift through all the complicated and conflicting research and science to surface simple and actionable tips so you can live a better life.